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If your design consists of basic text, the digitizing fee is waived on orders of 12 or more pieces. If you add a graphic (picture) to your design from our large selection of stock designs (over 8000), the digitizing cost will average $25. If you have a design or logo that requires exact duplication, send your design to us for a free, no obligation quote on the digitizing cost involved. This cost typically ranges from $40 and up, depending on the number of stitches (generally related to the size of your design).

The larger the design, the more stitches that will be in it. This increases both your initial set-up (digitizing) costs as well as running costs.
The nature of the item being embroidered will affect the quality of the embroidery; e.g., a tight mesh nylon fabric will reproduce detail better than a loop knit towel. Generally the best looking final product will be simple with only one or two objects in addition to lettering. The larger the design the more detail that can be obtained and the higher the stitch count and cost.

Once digitized, your design can be upsized or downsized by 10%. Different sized designs (i.e. left front verses baseball cap designs) require separate digitizing. Set-up costs for each of these sizes can be reduced by getting both sizes digitized at the same time.
For a detailed quote please contact us.

Screen Printing:
12 piece minimum. If time permits we will do less than 12 however art costs and screen setup charges will apply. Screen setups charges will also be applied for 12 - 24 items (Call for quote)

1 to 4 pieces,  $20.00 each plus digitizing, up to 8000 stitches

5 to 11 pieces, $12.00 each plus digitizing, up to 8000 stiches

Direct To Garment Printing

1 piece up to 11 x 14 inch full color print is $15.00 (with supplied artwork)

In House Sublimation

1 piece, Call for More Information


Advertising Specialty Items:
See the "Products" section for item-specific minimums.

Call for less than minimum pricing.

Screen Printing:
Unless otherwise specified, standard production time is 10 business days from approval of artwork, once the order has been placed and the deposit is received. Rush service is available if production space is available. There may be a fee for rush service so try to order early!

Standard production time is 10-15 business days from artwork approval, once the order is placed. We have limited production space available for rush service. There may be a fee for rush service so try to order early!

Direct To Garment printing:

Production times for DTG printing is 10 business days after final art approval. Most orders placed through our On Line Designer can be completed within 48 hours (depending on garment stock). To use our Live Designer CLICK HERE

In House Sublimation:

10-12 business days after final art approval

Decals and Vehicle Graphics:

10-12 business days after final art approval.

Promotional Products:

Production times vary for these items, they may require 20-45 business days for production. Make sure you specify your in-hand and event date. Contact us for current timelines on any item.

Direct To Garment and Screen Printing:

Bluewater Graphics' On line designer has thousands of pieces of art to help you design 1 t shirt, or thousands of t shirts, as well as designing named and numbered jerseys for your team. We have well over 30,000 pieces of art and editable templates. Have fun designing your own, or, let our art department do it for you. All of this art is "pre seperated" into colors, and no art charges apply when this system is used.

Screen Printing:
Bluewater Graphics' art department can take your concept, idea or napkin drawing and create a masterpiece. Art charges will apply.

If you have camera ready artwork or existing artwork that is crisp, clear, and fairly simple, art charges do not apply. Art re-creation fees can range from $ 30 and up. Contact us for a quote.

If your design is multi-colored, it must be separated into the component colors. We allow 1/2 hour of art time no charge after which art time is charged out at $ 50.00 per hour.

Digital Art:
We accept PC files using floppy disc, memory stick, e-mail or CD ROMs.

Digital files should be in one of the following formats: CorelDraw X6 (or earlier), Illustrator 8.0 (or earlier), PhotoShop 6.0 (or earlier).

Convert all objects and fonts to curves (Corel Draw) or outlines (Adobe Illustrator). This avoids font matching and resolution problems.

We can open files created in Microsoft Word and use them for one-color imprints only. If we receive your multi-color design in Word, it will have to be re-created for screen printing. Art charges will apply.

If you are sending us photographs or computer art files that contain photo-like images, we usually get the best results with .tif, .psd (Adobe Photoshop) or .jpeg files. We also use .bmp and .gif files. Remember, your best results will be obtained with good clean art.

If you are scanning an image to send, please scan it at a minimum 200 dpi at actual print size. If using a digital camera, use the highest resolution possible. Try to keep your files under 1.5 meg. You can use Winzip to compress your files, or bring them to us on a compact flash drive.

For process or simulated process work When supplying files for full colour (process or simulated process) printing it is essential to supply some form of colour guide. This can be a previously printed item or a laser or chromalin proof. This is essential if the colour match has to be exact. We cannot guarantee an exact match without this information.

Color Matching:
We prefer to use a variety of stock colors, however we an match your color. If you are using the Pantone Color Matching® system, providing the Pantone® color number is ideal. Please be aware that different computer monitors display colors differently. Color matching from a digital file viewed on our monitors may be slightly inaccurate. There is a $ 60.00 per color charge to pantone match your color

Stock Colors:

We use both in-house and outside digitizers to take your idea, image, drawing or digital file and creatie an embroidery machine compatible stitch file. Digital files should be in one of the following formats: CorelDraw 16 (or earlier), Illustrator 8.0 (or earlier), PhotoShop 6.0 (or earlier),EPS, JPEG, TIFF or BMP

We are also happy to accept embroidery disks that were created by another embroidery operation. If the embroidery disk is provided in a Tajima® format and no changes are required or desired then there will be no set-up (digitizing) fee. When using a file from another source, a previously embroidered piece is necessary to ensure accurate replication.

We have thousands of library designs in stock. If you don't have a logo, you can use some of our designs with text to "spruce up" your shirts.

Screen Printing:

We have a large palette of standard ink colors that we offer at no charge. We also use an industry approved Pantone Color-Matching System® for your custom color needs. Color-matching will incur a per-color fee.

Direct To Garment Printing:

One of the huge advantage in Direct To garment Printing is that there is no limit to the colors, or complexity of the artwork. 

We have a wide variety of standard thread colors that we offer at no charge. We will also custom order any Pantone thread colors you may need. Specialty threads (such as metallic) are also available. Color-matching and certain specialty threads will incur a per-color fee.

We do not add any "handling fees" or miscellaneous charges. Only the actual freight charges determined by the carrier will be added to your order. You may wish to have your order shipped overnight carrier, or even freight collect. All are perfectly acceptable with us. You may use your carrier and account if you wish.

Contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail. You can also mail your orders to us. International shipping will require an additional freight charge. We will notify you of the price (with conversion and shipping) before proceeding with your order. We ship to foreign countries via Purolator, UPS, and Fed Ex. All payments must be in Canadian funds. We accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.